Tonopen Vet AVIA


– Designed with the veterinary care professional in-mind, the ergonomically designed Tono-Pen AVIA VET does not require daily calibration, has a long life, easy to replace battery and can be used in any position.

– With over 40 breeds of dogs and cats possessing the predisposition to glaucoma,

– The Tono-Pen AVIA VET provides simplicity for monitoring this condition.


– No Calibration 
The Tono-Pen AVIA VET does not require daily calibration.

– Accurate and Easy to Use 
The Tono-Pen AVIA VET is designed to help eliminate operator error and functions in any position, making it ideal to use on all breeds of animals. Activated by the push of a button, the IOP measurement is displayed on two large, easy-to-read, LCD screens and can be used by right or left-handed users.

– Intelligent 
The Tono-Pen AVIA VET utilizes micro strain gauge technology and a 1.0mm transducer tip. The device displays individual readings and the average of 6 readings along with a statistical confidence indicator, ensuring accurate, repeatable, and reliable tonometry results.