– LCD function display.
– Fully integrated microscope.
– Inbuilt function monitoring.
– XY location movement
– ±25mm from centre.
– Sterile (no-touch) return to centre function.
– Floor stand mounted.
– Foot controlled focus, zoom, lighting and XY
– High resolution Olympus optics.
– Coaxial LED light
Remove the cost and inconvenience of spare bulbs for the life of the microscope.
– Universal AC voltage input or 12V battery.
– Includes
– coaxial video system with LCD monitor

The SO-5900 XY Ophthalmic Microscope is the ideal instrument for the modern surgery room. It provides a low cost, yet high quality instrument suitable for the simplest to the most complex of procedures.
Features of this model includes the foot controlled XY, focus and zoom. Based on high intensity solid state LED technology, the light colour is similar to halogen light and gives low light scatter in the lens and maximum red reflex.
Ergonomic design coupled with modern technology and precision optics, this microscope is worthy of any hospital or clinic.


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