Scorpion ERG


Scorpion, the 1st wireless and noiseless ERG device

Double stimulator to speed up the Erg procedure and avoid chemical interactions in between both eyes

Bluetooth protocol with Scorpion software on a tablet

Automatic ECVO and On/Off cataract Protocoles included 

The Scorpion ERG was designed to make Electroretinography as simple as possible. The development was based on the current state of the art. The selection of various high-end components resulted in the smallest and most mobile system in the world. The Scorpion has an internal rechargeable battery and communicates via Bluetooth. With it’s functional designed
device holder, the stimulator can be easily positioned in front of any small animal. It is also the first ERG device which offers a 2-channel amplifier as a standard to save time and to reduce stress to the patient.

  • Mobile 2-Channel System
  • Intelligent Curve Analysis
  • Low Noise by Nature
  • Automatic Cataract ERG Test
  • Results in less than 5 minutes
  • Photopic conditions


Active Eye Electrodes
As a standard a set of ERG-Jet electrodes are delivered with every system.

Needle Electrodes
To save money for the customer the Scorpion ERG is using 1mm male needle electrodes.


Other Tools
Optional other electrodes or tools can be ordered by our distributor.